Kithunu Gee Potha - Web v1.7 (For Projecting) is a hymn lyrics offline web app developed for small Sinhala Christian churches with minimum resources but who are born again, and believes in only One Living God. You can quickly search and view lyrics easily for projecting. Also you can zoom in, zoom out the text, move left or right, or even go to next verse or chorus by keyboard press. For more information please contact me.

This web app was developed by Chamath Silva as a small work done for God - | Facebook

Hymns of this software doesn't belongs to me, also this software is not a property of any church, but the owner/developer of this software is me as a serving to the Lord in a digital way. You can use this software free, but please don’t remove this notice or information of the developer.

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FEATURES: Over 660 Sinhala Hymns Lyrics | Over 260 English Hymns Lyrics | Quickly Search And View Lyrics Easily | Zoom In, Zoom Out The Text | Move Left Or Right The Text | Go To Next Verse Or Chorus By Keyboard Press | Ability To Add, Edit Or Remove Lyrics | Settings

Glory And Praises Be To The Only One Living God!