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Kithunu Gee Potha

Kithunu Gee Potha is a hymn lyrics software developed for Sinhala Christians specially for who are born again, and believes in only One Living God. It is available for Android smartphones as well as a Microsoft Windows software for small Sinhala Christian churches with minimum resources for projecting. It also has a online version for viewing.

Kithunu Gee Potha (Android) Features

  • Search the song title from over 770 sinhala hymn songs.
  • Search songs through entire song text using Singlish / English or Sinhala Unicode words.
  • Zoom in, Zoom out the text with pinch zoom or using buttons.
  • Play audio song of some Sinhala hymns through internet.
  • Add lyrics to your favorites list.
  • Share the lyrics with your friends via email or social media apps.
  • Make images of the lyrics so later you can share it with friends with no fonts.
  • Simple guide to type Sinhala.
  • Black theme layout with white text for easy reading and battery saving.
  • Changeable Dark and Light Themes.
  • Keep screen awake when reading lyrics (On / Off).
  • Setting to show or hide hymn numbers.
  • View the English version of the lyrics if "Christian Hymn Book" app is installed.
  • Application is used offline (No data connection needed to view lyrics except playing audio)

Kithunu Gee Potha - Web (For Projecting) Features

  • Over 770 Sinhala Hymns Lyrics
  • Over 400 English Hymns Lyrics
  • Quickly Search And View Lyrics Easily
  • Zoom In, Zoom Out The Text
  • Move Left Or Right The Text
  • Go To Next Verse Or Chorus By Keyboard Press
  • Ability To Add, Edit Or Remove Lyrics
  • Settings

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